The Copernican Revolution of Economy

Why "Copernican Revolution"?
For the actual schools of economy, money is the central point. Labor is considered merely a cost factor.
I say: In fact, Human Labor is what economy is all about. Money is merely a calculation unit to make exchange easier.
It is said, in 1989 the Capitalism had gained the victory over the Socialism. This is wrong. In 1989, Market Economy had won over Plan Economy.

Thesis about Market Economy
    Thesis about Money
  1. Money is a calculation unit for Human Labor.
    Human Labor is the product of exertion multiplied with skill.
    Skill in this sense is the ability to be useful for other people.
  2. Whenever you buy something, you pay for the human labor contained therein.
  3. Money is indispensable for easy exchange.
  4. Thesis about Pricing

  5. Prices are agreed between the seller and the buyer.
  6. The price must be lower then the value for the buyer.
  7. The price must be higher than the costs for the seller.
  8. The value of goods is felt, not calculated.
  • Working people are the wealth of the nationes.
  • Unemployment is the greatest waste of resources.
  • War means inflation, because there paid human labor is wasted on destruction.
  • Market Economy does not mean Capitalism, as little as Religion means Church.
I would like to send you something more elaborated against 2 € + Postage Großbrief. Or - more easily accessible - you may download it here (162 KB PDF File):
Thesen zur Marktwirtschaft
However, this booklet is in German language, since I do not know enough English terminology in this field.
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War causes Inflation
This way works the Capitalism
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Published 2003-01-01   /   Karl-Heinrich Fischle, Hannover, Germany