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American Dance Party for Fun and Fitness
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We keep body, mind, and soul in motion. Suitable for MEN as well! Newcomers can be integrated at the begin of every evening. Guests from other Square Dance Clubs are welcome, long before the Mainstream Graduation.
On Tuesdays 7.30 pm ... 9.00 pm at the Epiphanias Church, Hägewiesen 117
A mixture of Contra and Square Dancing.
If at least 2 couples will stay to dance the Mainstream program, I will add another half hour.

Dangle Open Country BTW: 25% of the "financial applause" I earn as a dance leader goes to the Christoffel Blindenmission - and I am sure this money works helpful.

As long as public transportation is operating, I will try to keep Open Country going. But if due to terrible weather conditions busses and trams will not run, then of needs Open Country must be canceled for that day.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

 4. Januar	  Mi Lucky Stars
 9.  Januar   Mo SCL
10. Januar   Di Open Country
11. Januar   Mi Lucky Stars

General Dates in 2018:

Square Dance - what is it? And what is the difference to other forms of dancing?
Here you find Answers to some frequently asked Questions about Open Country
Praise of the Dance by Saint Augustine
My Secret Hope
The Constitution of Open Country (in German language only)
Report about the SingAlong Germany on June 17, 2008
We do not want such guys to attend our dances.
This is something I would like to see (Borrowed the picture from Andy McCurdy at Butterball)

Visiting callers are welcome to call a guest tip, provided they can adjust to the style of the group. I have a Hilton MA-150 amplifier where any audio equipment can be plugged in; but no turntable, sorry.

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