Ring Of Eight Celebrates
17th & 18th Century English Dances
Titel Tempo Struktur Dauer Formation Anmerkung
Knole Park 103 7xAABB 4:33 Proper Duple  
Mr. Beverige's Maggot 29bar 9xAB 5:13 Proper Duple  
Phoenix 103 8xAB 2:43 4 Couples Longways or 3 Couples
Cuckolds all a Row 119 3xABB 1:29 2 Couples  
Trip to Paris 109 7xAB 3:33 Proper Duple Double Progression
Thomas and Sally 103 7xABCC 6:58 Proper Duple Double Progression
Trip o'er Tweed 88 3xAABB 2:40 3 Couples Longways  
Hunsdon House 88 3xABBBB+A 3:11 4 Couples Square or 6 Couples
Shropshire Lass 103 7xAABB 4:43 Triple Minor Proper Triple Progression
Orleans Baffled 32bar 10xA 3:58 Triple Minor Proper  
Gathering Peascods 104 3xAABBCC+AA 2:52 5 Couples Circle  
Cream Pot 110 3x(2xAAB) 3:52 3 Couples Longways  
Meillionen 84 3xA + 7xB 2:51 5 Couples Longways or 3 Couples
We'll Wed and We'll Bed 112 7xAB 3:15 Proper Duple  
Prince William of Gloucester's Waltz 48bar 7xAABC 4:55 Proper Duple  
Gelding of the Devil 109 3xABBB+A 2:11 3 Couples Circle  
Fandango 112 3x(2xAABB) 3:47 3 Couples Longways  
Jamaica 98 7xAB 4:25 Proper Duple Double Progression
Man kann zu der CD ein hübsches Heft (DIN A4) bekommen mit Tanzbeschreibungen, Tanzrufen und Noten. Empfehlenswert. You can get a nice accompanying brochure (DIN A4) with dance descriptions, calls, and notes. Recommendable.
From Lyndon Thomas <lyndonthomas462 at btinternet.com>
I have a few copies of the CD and the dance booklet left. The price for the CD is £10, the book £5 but if bought together £13.00; plus postage of £1.50 for the CD, or £2.20 for both items.

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Veröffentlicht 2011-10-12   /   Heiner Fischle, Hannover