Great Meadow Music 2012
Contra Music: The Sound of New England
Titel Tempo Struktur Dauer Medleys Quelle (Source)
The Green Mountain 114 9x64 5:07 & Tarboltan / Siobhan O'Donnel's Green Mountain
Lafferty's 110 6,5x64 4:10   Best of Wild Asparagus
I Don't Love Nobody 112 6x64 3:31 & Little Old Cabin / Honey Harbour Pure Quill
Leather Britches 114 7x64 4:06 & Miller's Reel Airplang II
Poor Old Woman 157 crooked 4:29 & Ned Kendall's Hornpipe / Levi Beaulieu New Leaf
The Jewel Tune 111 9x64 5:02 & Briul de la Fagaras / The Carpathian Tune Faster Than A Walk
Bagpipe Ditty 133 crooked 3:57 & Christmas Day in the Morning / Young Widow Greasy Coat
Chorus Jig 111 15x64 8:22 & Opera Reel / Growling Old Man and Woman Full Swing
O'Donal Abhu 118 7x64 4:03 & Rocks of Brae / Meeting of the Waters New England Chestnuts Vol. 2
Lamplighters 119 7x64 3:57 & Kildare Fancy New England Chestnuts Vol. 1
Happy Acres 123 5,5x64 2:59 & Murphy's / Johnny Rhino Polka Old New England
Kilcommon 36bar/154 Waltz/Schottisch 4:16 & The Volunteer Airdance
Dies ist eine Auswahl aus verschiedenen CDs zu einem geringen Preis. Die meisten Stücke sind brauchbar, und falls dir der Stil einer Band nicht gefällt, bist du jedenfalls gewarnt.
This is a low priced sampler from different CDs. Most cuts are useable, and if you do not like the style of a certain band, at least you got a fair warning.

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Veröffentlicht 2008-04-01   /   Heiner Fischle, Hannover